Division Level Football
  1st Cav Division verses  Osan AB, Sept 13th, 1958, The 1st Cav Division wins 28 to 14
Bill Strouse
15th QM Co
1st Cav Div 1957 - 1958
  Don Sessions, 545th MP Co, 1st Cav Division played QB for the
Houston Cougars during 1959, 60, and 61 NCAA seasons.
  In 1962 he was on the roster of the American Football League
Houston Oilers as a backup to QB's George Blanda and Jacky Lee.
  In 1963 Sessions lead the 545th MP Company, 1st Cav Division,
to the I Corps Football league championship. And later was QB for
the 1st Cav Division Cavaliers

Sp4  Robert Johnson
545th  MP Co
Camp Custer North
1st Cav Div
May 1964 - June 1965
1st Cav Division verses the 7th Inf Division;
   It was the second game against the 7th Div who had won the first game at Bayonet Field.
The 1st Cav Division won the second game at RC#1 and later the league championship.
   If I recall correctly, it seems to me that they then went to Japan and won against their
champion over there. I do not remember too much about all that as I was processing to catch
a ship to come home at that time.
Bill Strouse
15th QM Co
1st Cav Div 1957 - 1958
1st Cav huddles up
1st Cav punts from end zone
An injured player is tended to behind
the end zone as the game goes on
Osan AB in a huddle
The Turkish Brigade Honor Guard who performed at half time of the game with the 7th Div