Charlie Block
The Most Recognizable Feature In The Western Corridor
Tanks of the 2nd BN 72nd Armor on the road between Yongjugol and Paju-ri
Charlie Block is seen in the background - 1967
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Located around the base of Charlie Block were Camp Hartell, Camp Paine,
Camp Custer North, Camp Custer Middle, and Camp Custer South
'The Switchback'
This was the road the lead to the summit Of Charlie Block
It began in Camp Custer and wound it's way to the top
1st Marine Division troops - 1953
Camp Brown was located between Paju-ri
and Yongjugol on the north side of the road
This is looking across the camp at Charlie
Block. Main gate to the left center
Traveling south, Sonyu-ri and Camp Pelham in front of
you. Camp Hunt, Camp Summerall and the Imjin River
behind you. Charlie Block in the background.
Views From Charlie Block
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