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Julio Martinez - A Young Soldier's Memoirs
513 Pages And Over 300 Photos documenting Julio's exciting 13 month tour in Korea. Roaming all
over the Western Corridor, visiting and photographing everything of interest, to digging up a skull on
Easy Queen, you can relive with him all the exciting adventures that he experienced first hand.
Having seen hundreds of Julio's photos already, the pictures alone make this a worth while book to
add to your collection. Visit Julio's website and order your copy now!
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Tim Norris - Seasons In The Kingdom
Seasons in the Kingdom re-creates the camptown world with vivid
authenticity. That world was and is an uncompromising environment of
human struggle and ambition. In Seasons in the Kingdom, the
camptown is viewed through the compelling relationship between an
American GI and a young Korean woman. The extremely insightful and
evocative portrayal of their complex relationship is skillfully contrasted
with detail evoking the banality of military camp life at a small American
military outpost in Korea, 1973-74, and the culture of prostitution that
surrounds it, merging history and fiction into a memorably poignant
love story.
Tim Norris does a great job describing the young camptown women,
demonstrating with great sympathy that they were people who also had
hopes and dreams before being shackled by economic and social
bondage. Deceit, betrayal, prostitution, racism, violence, are intertwined
in this absorbing narrative of camptown society. Extra-oridinarily
beautiful and detailed "word paintings" of the land and its people form
the background of this drama, rounding out this unforgettable book,
which resonates with the experiences of hundreds of thousands of US
service men and the Koreans who knew them.
Seasons in the Kingdom can be found on
or at Tims website,
Mark Higginson - North Of The River
An exciting and graphic tale of a
young Army officer's first tour in
the Korean DMZ of 1969
Other titles by the author, not Korea related;
Pali, and Unfinished Business
"Full of adventure, humor, friendship,
and romance, it provides an accurate
portrayal of military life and life as a
Donut Dolly in this little known theater."
Codis Hampton - Unchon-ni
A  semi-autobiographical book revolving around the
13 month tour of Codis Hampton in South Korea
            Unchon-ni is my personal story

My story is about the Unchon-ni I knew from April of
1962 through May of 1963, some forty-eight years ago.
I arrived at the young naïve age of seventeen and left
at a more mature age of eighteen. While there, I was
stationed in the ultimate mans club, the United States
Army. I served as a dog soldier assigned to Echo
Company, 1st. Brigade, 17th. Infantry.  Most, if not all,
of my leisure hours were spent in the little village right
outside the gate of Camp Kaiser, called Unchon-ni.
Kenneth Marrin - Lunch Is Over
A Depression-era youth comes of age on a mountaintop in Korea
... one of the airmen in the hut came running over
to me and handed me a rifle. As I grabbed it, I
reminded him that I was the cook, thinking that
he didn't realize I knew nothing about combat. He
just ushered me out of the hut and directed me
to my foxhole.

"Lunch," he told me, "is over."
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Bob Furrer - The Golden Mountain Goats
Experience life on REMOTE USAF RADIO RELAY
, "Land Of The Morning Calm" during
and after the 'Korean Police Action'.

260 pages of documented history and personal
stories, supplemented with extensive black &
white photographs, maps and diagrams.

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William Russell - Combat Boots
A collection of short stories focusing on the cold war period
between WWII and the Korean War of 1950-53, to French
Indochina and the heroic but doomed battle at Dien Bien Phu and
the Americans who flew "covert" operations there, and finally to
America's "other conflict" of the 60'and 70's called the DMZ War.

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Combat Boots

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