8th Army
AFKN Radio Mercury
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TSgt James A George, AFKN 1955 Radio Comet and Mercury
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TSgt James George
Radio Mercury Staff - 1955
   I was assigned to Radio Mercury in 1955 as program director.   I had trained at Radio Comet, Osan
(K-55) for a few months before reporting to K-8 Kunsan.
   I remained at Mercury until late Fall of '55 when the AFKN commander sent me back to Osan to be
program director and NCOIC there.
 My co-workers at AFKN Kunsan in 1955 were Airman First Class
James Kirkwood, Airman William Wagstaff, Sgt. Schaatz, and a maintenance tech plus a Korean
driver/maintenance man.
   At Comet, I worked with several people including (air force airmen) Bill Gilmore, Ed Cenedella,
Larry Clark, and others.  I left Radio Comet and K-55 in January 1956 to return Stateside and was
assigned to the Lockbourne AFB in Ohio, near Columbus -- a Strategic Air Command base.

   Jim Kirkwood was probably the most professional of all the military radio people I worked with.  He
left the Air Force later, but strangely enough we accidentally met at a Hollywood coffee shop in 1962.   
I was there for a week as technical advisor on an Air Force movie produced at Lookout Mountain Air
Force Station, and Kirkwood was working for the USO as a producer and show planner for tour groups.

   My year of AFKN experience was a great learning experience and enabled me to work in civilian
radio in Ohio and Virginia.
Submitted by;
TSgt James George
Radio Mercury
1955 - 1956