American Forces Korea Network
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Radio Mercury
   AFKN's Radio Mercury was located on Kunsan AFB 1965-66.  It's probably still there as it
was a permanent installation.
   At the same time there was a low powered TV station located near Kimje, (close to
E/4/44's HERC site) east of Kunsan.  Very poor quality signal received on the air base but
a better signal was received at B/6/44's HAWK site east of the air base.
   TV shows were kinescope, shipped by hold baggage to Korea from the states.  We
usually saw the shows about 6 weeks after airing in the states.  My father taped the audio
portions of several favorite shows and airmailed them to me so I had about a 5-week lead
time on show content.
       Bill Dickert
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The crew operating AFKN's Radio Mercury at Kunsan Air Base, Korea in June 1955 included
(kneeling, left to right) Bill Schatz, TSgt. James A. George, NCOIC and chief announcer;
Bernie Spitz, engineer. Standing (left to right), Shim Ri Sub, driver and maintenance, A1C
James Kirkwood, Airman William A. Wagstaff, and Lt. Bergos, Officer in charge.
Crew quarters were in a large tent.
TSgt James George
Program Director
Radio Mercury
Kunsan AB
1955 - 1956