8th Army
AFKN Radio Comet
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After Work
Me in the bright orange flight suit outside the door to AFKN.  I must
have had a thing for beer, huh?  I played in a band on base also and
had just gotten back from a trip to play at some of the remote sites
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Jack Sides
Radio Comet - 1968
Things were a bit loose back then as you might expect.  This is our remote out of the
back of a pick up truck on the ball field on July 4, 1968.  I'm on the right with the beer LOL
   I was an announcer at AFKN's Radio Comet at Osan in 1968. At that time Osan was a males
only base with no dependents or US females other then a few nurses.  The MSR was the only
paved road around and the clubs were, I suspect, a bit different then they are today.

   I actually went to Korea with an admin AFSC (is that right ...... I forget). Anyway, I was
originally assigned to the 6314th Supply Sq. I had dabbled in radio in the states after high school
and to tell the truth, after listening to some of the on air guys at Osan, I thought to myself "I can
do better then that".  So, one day I walked over to the station and auditioned for weekend and
evening work.  They really didn't have that many time slots since a lot of the programming
came out of Soeul but they didn't mind someone pitching in ....... and a STAR was born.  LOL.

   After a while I picked up more and more air time and had quite a following.  Now, I knew that I
really couldn't change AFSC's while deployed but the local powers that were there didn't know
that.  I filled in all the papers, made enough mistakes that it would get kicked back at least once
to be redone and sent them off.  It took them about six months to get around to telling me that I
couldn't change but during that time I moved into the station (also the housing for the DJs) and
played on the air several hours a day.  Then the papers finally came back not approved, I had to
go back to my old job but continued to do my time on the air.

   When I came back to the states, I did weekend work at several stations but then got maried
and had a family and had to get a real job :^)   I have some old tapes of my shows there and
from time to time, when I can get my hands on a reel to reel, I listen to them.  Great fun.
Submitted by;
Jack Sides
Radio Comet
At Work
It's me in the foreground interviewing Phillip Ahn, an actor of that era
Old equipment, turntables, tape, etc.  But we made it work.