American Forces Korea Network
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Radio Tomahawk
(Radio Indianhead)
2nd Infantry Division
Radio Bayonet
7th Infantry Division
Radio Vagabond
8th Army
Radio Cavalier
1st Cav Division
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Below listed are the various station names I have been able to find
Some locations remained constant while others shifted over the years
I am not going to try to pinpoint each stations location due to their movements
Radio Kilroy
8th Army
Radio Homesteader
8th Army
Radio Gypsy
Camp Kaiser
Camp St Barbara 55/56
Radio Comet
Radio Rambler
8th Army
Radio Troubador
24th Inf Div
Jack Sides
Radio Comet
Osan AB
Sp4 Mike Brown
1st Cav Division
Radio Cavalier
1963 - 1964
Sp4 Dave Hagen
1st Cav Division
Radio Cavalier
1963 - 1964
TSgt James George
Program Director
Radio Mercury
Kunsan AB
1955 - 1956
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Sgt Pete Pittman
Disc Jockey
1972 - 1973
Osan AFB
Hq Yongsan

Station Manger
1979 - 1980
Attached to Pusan/Camp Casey
SP5 Brian Hartzell
News & FM Program Director
1972 - 1973
Yongsan, Seoul
A2c Edward J. Vanecek
Station Engineer
Radio Kilroy
1961 - 1962
Camp Henry - 'Remote' location
SP5 Barry Kunz
Announcer/Program Director
Radio Homesteader
1965 - 1966
Hialeah Compound / Pusan
A2c Bill Stillman
DJ - Radio Mercury
1964 - 1965
Kunsan AB
Sp4 Keith Reynolds
Announcer radio & TV
1957 - 1958
Cpl Jim Becker
Program Director Kilroy
Feb 1955 to May 1956
Radio Vagabond / Radio Kilroy
  Coincidental with the Inchon landing in September, 1950, a group of men from AFRS
stations in Japan were airlifted to Kimpo Airport and from there proceeded to the
former U.S. Embassy, The Bando Hotel, to set up AFRS Seoul.
  It went on the air about October 3rd and continued broadcasting from there until the
Chinese entered Seoul in late December 1950. The last broadcast from the Bando
Hotel was January 3rd and then they evacuated the city.

  The retreat to Taegu was in a revamped mobile van wired to transmit radio signals.  
In Taegu, AFRS Kilroy was born in a large schooling area which correspondents had
confiscated. The mobile unit known as AFRS Kilroy broadcast initially from Taegu in
January, 1951 Using a portable generator.
  In the following months more AFRS mobile stations were started: Homesteader,
Vagabond, and Gypsy.  

  I was one of the original members of those units (8214 Army Unit) which landed at
Kimpo Airport just after the September, 1950 Inchon landing by the U.S. Forces. I
rotated during the holidays late in 1951.

Former Sgt Humbert (Al) Scipione
Evacuating Seoul
Evacuating Seoul
Correspondent's billets at AFRS Kilroy Site in 1951
Show me the way to AFRS Kilroy, Taegu, Feb, 1951
AFRS Kilroy Site in 1951
TSgt  Dave Reeder
Net Radio Program Director
Sep 1976 - Sep 1980
AFKN Seoul
Sp4 Norman Fleischman
TV cameraman, on air character
Jun 1968  - Jan 1969
TV broadcasting station Seoul
SP4 Otho Lyles
Tech director/camera oper/DJ
1972 - 1973