25th  INF  DIVISION  (Tropic Lightning)  IN  KOREA                                  
  Following a successful campaign in the Philippines, the 25th Division was moved to Japan in September 1945
to assume the status of occupation forces. When North Korea invaded South Korea in June 1950, the services
of the 25th were urgently needed in an effort to halt the aggression. Under the command of Maj Gen William B
Kean, elements of the division landed at Pusan, Korea, in July 1950. The mission at this stage was to fight
against time until more reinforcements could be brought in.

  For having stopped the enemy at Masan and for its counterattack against 3 North Korean divisions in the
Chinju area, the 25th was awarded the ROK Presidential Unit Citation. Following the Inchon landing of US
forces on 15 September 1950, the general offensive to break out of the "Pusan Perimeter" was launched on 16
September, with the 25th racing nearly 200 miles to reach the coast. In quick succession, Seoul was retaken by
UN Forces, and by 19 October the 8th Army entered Pyongyang and continued to advance toward the Yalu

  On 17 November the 25th was ordered to move north of Pgonggang, accompanied by the Turkish Brigade.  
Suddenly the UN Forces were confronted by a new  and fresh army of invaders, as CCF units were rushed
across the Yalu River.  In a swift reversal of the fortunes of war, this onslaught of Chinese troops from
Manchuria drove back the 8th Army along the entire front in northwestern Korea. The UN Forces were ordered
to withdraw, and Pyongyang was abandoned. The 25th took up defensive positions on the south bank of the
Chongchon River on 30 November to cover the withdrawal of the other UN units.  On 14 December another
defense line was established south of the Imjin River.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      On 1
January 1951 the CCF penetrated the lines of the 1st ROK Div on the right flank of the 25th.  While the enemy advance was
being delayed new defensive positions were being prepared south of Osan. This line held and the Chinese were halted.  
On 15 January 1951 an offensive was launched near Suwon, dislodging the enemy and forcing him to take refuge on the
north side of the Han River.  By 10 February Inchon harbor and Kimpo Air Base were secured. On 15 February the
Division relieved the 1st Cavalry Div and drove the enemy back across the Han River. Operation RUGGED was followed
by Operation DAUNTLESS, when the 25th drove to the Chorwon valley. In Operation DETONATE it seized Line Topeka
and crossed the 38th Parallel into the Kumhwa area.  Operation PILEDRIVER and other offensive operations in the Iron
Triangle area were continued until the Division went into reserve in the Uijongbu area.

  In November it moved to occupy positions on Line Wyoming, southwest of Chorwon.  The Division was
released from US I Corps and attached to US IX Corps.  In February 1952 the 25th relieved the 7th Inf Div on Line
Minnesota, and on 22 October moved to the vicinity of Kapyong as 8th Army reserve.  In January 1953 the
Division became US IX Corps reserve near Yongpyong, and in May assumed the responsibility of guarding the
approaches to Seoul in the vicinity of Munsan-ni and Chang-dan, with operational control again passed to US I
Corps.  On 28-30 May 1953 the CCF hurled a good part of a division in repeated attacks against the 25th's right
flank at Outposts Carson, Vegas, Elko, Berlin and East Berlin, suffering heavy casualties.

  Eventually the Armistice went into effect and in July 1953 the Division was relieved of frontline duty and
moved to Camp Casey as I Corps reserve. In August 1953 the 25th relieved the 7th Inf Div on the new DMZ in the
Taegwang-ni sector of the Imjin valley, bewteen the 1st Marine Div to the west and the 40th Inf Div to the eat.  
The following months were spent in construction of new Main Battle Positions, patrolling along the DMZ, and
a construction & winterization program which gave the troops of the Tropic Lightning the best winter quarters
since the Division landed in Korea.                                                                
Submitted By;
                                                                                                                               Lt Kameron Ince
                                                                                                                               4th Turkish Brigade
                                                                                                                               25th Inf Div
25th Infantry Division
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